Attack on Titan Tribute Game Demo 0.1042015

Exciting fan-made game featuring the same anime graphics from the hit TV show

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    Demo 0.1042015

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    Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows 8.1

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The Attack on Titan Tribute Game takes many of the things you love about the Attack on Titan world and turns those features into a brand new game created by fans of the original. Though it is an unofficial product and does not have authorization from the company behind this series, it does offer some exciting sequences and fun action.

Fans know that Attack on Titan began as a manga series. The series, which started in 2009, originally appeared in a Japanese magazine. It became so popular that a publisher released collectors' editions for fans. It also inspired novels, an anime series, music, a film and even video games like this one.

Attack on Titan takes place in a world taken over by oversized humanoid creatures. Those creatures wiped out many of the humans for no apparent reason. The survivors flocked to walled cities for protection. Many of the stories revolve around three characters and their attempts to bring down the Titans once and for all. Some of the same characters that you see in the books and onscreen appear in this game.

The Attack on Titan Tribute Game is completely free to play. It uses a unique style that gives characters oversize heads and smaller bodies to mimic the way they look in the manga series. All action takes place in the walled areas featured in manga series city too. As you play, you can explore a virtual world that looks like the anime world that is well known and loved. Some levels call for players to leave those walls behind and explore the world outside.

At the beginning of the game, the player picks a character. There are several options including Mikasa or Eren. Once the action starts, you need to find a way to bring down and kill the invading Titans before these bloodthirsty creatures wipe out your home and all your loved ones. While the cute design of the smaller characters is spot on, the design doesn't work as well for the Titans. The Titans tend to look more comical and less serious than those from the manga series.

Though playing the game might sound easy, it's actually a lot harder than it looks. As in the anime and the manga, most of the hits you take will do little to drop the Titan characters or even slow them down. The only thing that will actually kill one is a perfectly timed hit to the nape of the neck. Not only does this mean you need to hit a Titan in the right spot, but it also means you need to get behind one and make your move before it can turn its head and neck.

Another thing to keep in mind is that some hits will do minimal damage. The more force you use, the more damage you inflict. It can take three or more hits to bring down the largest of creatures, which means you need to keep circling the creature and taking evasive actions to keep it from attacking.

One of the more common issues with the game is the difficulty many players have at timing their movements to defeat Titans in the way required for the game. The game refers to these movements as Team Dimensional Maneuvers. You receive two grappling hooks that can be used to shoot your character through the air. The game lets you use just one hook and the attached rope to jump onto a specific object, but you can also use both hooks to advance further.

The problem is that the game offers limited support for controlling character movements. You need to hit multiple buttons at the same time or within a short period of time to fling your character through the air, switch between hooks, attack and use the special maneuvers. You also need to adjust your camera at the same time to keep an eye on the action. It might take multiple tries before you feel comfortable using these controls.

While it makes sense for the game to support some type of gamepad to provide more control over the action, it lacks this type of support. You'll need to use some of the buttons on your keyboard to move your character while using the mouse at the same time. This adds to the game's overall difficulty.

Another issue is that the camera doesn't always move in real time. Instead of the camera responding as you move, it sometimes starts moving after your character does. This creates a problem as the character that is being attacked may move before the camera has time to catch up. Leaving movements behind the action of the characters. Instead of landing the attack, the character can fly over the enemy without landing a strike.

The developers behind the Attack on Titan Tribute Game are fans of the franchise and wanted to create a fun and interesting game for other players. You can download the demo to explore this fictional world. The demo gives you access to multiple characters and a few areas. Unfortunately, the developers stopped working on the game and stopped releasing updates. Now the game suffers from some glitches and bugs that can impede your progress. If you love Attack on Titan, you might love this game too.


  • Acts like a tribute to and by fans of the original Attack on Titan series
  • Features characters from the beloved franchise
  • Offers some extremely challenging levels that players will love
  • Lets you play as any of your favorite characters
  • Is a fun game that many Attack on Titan fans like


  • Only works on Internet Explorer and no other browsers
  • Is a project designed by fans and not an official release
  • Does not come with any support for game pads
  • Movements are hard to control
  • The developers stopped releasing updates and offering support for this title

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